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About Us

Creating unforgettable memories

Within the serene and ever lively environs of Bowie, CK & lounge (Calabar Kitchen & lounge) stands out with its unique blend of class and sensual allure. CK & lounge aims solely to please by creating unforgettable memories for every patron and visitor, serving up an array of savory culinary courses, carefully selected vintage bevers and rhythmic sounds, to sate everyone’s indulgence.

Matthias Blac

School teacher

Susan Green


Malik Brown


Lakisha Thomas


Najee Washington

Technical Writer

Aisha Johnson

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Our In-House


CK and Lounge offers a variety of weekly events.
Whether you're looking for a fun night out with friends or a romantic dinner for two,
CK and Lounge has something for everyone. Check out the schedule of events.

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Join Our Team

We are always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team.
If you are interested in a career in the restaurant industry,
we encourage you to visit our careers page to learn more about our open positions.

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